Disinfecting Spray Gun

Disinfecting Spray Gun

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  • For Disinfection & Sterilization
  • Cordless
  • Nano Blue Light

The blue light nano steam spray gun is equipped with a high-pressure water pump. The high-tech copper nozzle that sprays water can spray the nanometer under the premise of room temperature. All the ingredients of disinfectant or alcohol will be sprayed at room temperature without being evaporated. It will be a perfect. The safe and efficient disinfection tool for you and your family.

Features of spray gun:

  1. It can be sterilized, wherever you want unlimited distance
  2. Lightweight PC material - the device is light in weight and energy saving
  3. Spray at room temperature - safely spray alcohol and various diluted disinfectants
  4. High-pressure water pump - it can spray disinfectant or alcohol for good dense mist disinfection
  5. Smaller size
  6. Adjustable spray intensity